Hypoxi Treatment: FASTEST Way to Burn Stubborn Fat

Hypoxi is the new rave in town. Have you ever wanted to lose a few inches, drop a dress size, or improve the skin appearance around your waist, hips, buttocks and thighs? Have you been searching for a fitness gym in Abuja that gives you all these results and much more?

Appearance is not just about dressing well, it is a combination of many tiring fitness routines for most people. Many look to diets, exercise routines and some even go as far as undergoing cosmetic surgeries to enhance their shapes and looks.


The challenge? Most weight loss methods do not burn stubborn fats in certain areas of the body fast enough. Problematic regions ranging from stomach, hips, buttocks, legs and thighs often store unnecessary fluids with fats that often lead to obesity and heart problems.

If you are looking for a gym  in Abuja that will help you burn that  stubborn fat fast, Ella’s place is the way to go. With our all new HYPOXI treatment, we will help you attain your fitness goals in record time.


HYPOXI is a low-impact exercise method that is up to 3 x more effective at burning stubborn fat than traditional exercise. What’s more? HYPOXI treatment significantly reduces cellulite.

Through our advanced vacuum and compression technology and healthy nutrition, HYPOXI activates your body’s natural system to burn specific areas of fat and cellulite. HYPOXI is simply the smarter way to get the body shape you’re after.

A Patented Solution for Burning Fat Fast

The Hypoxi-method is the number one patented solution that utilizes advanced technology to provide top notch innovative equipment designed with in-built comfort to minimize fatigue.

This scientific breakthrough uses body friendly exercises to efficiently target areas of the body with stubborn lower fats utilizing hi-tech methodologies which are tested, safe and approved.  

Hypoxi’s solution is unique because it utilizes natural means of fighting stubborn fat as an alternative against dangerous and health risky cosmetic surgeries. In Nigeria, we are the only gym that offer this Premuim treatment that gets you your desired results fast!

Our  HYPOXI Treatment

Stubborn Fat Treatment

HYPOXI targets the stubborn fat stores around the stomach, hips, bottom and thighs that traditional exercise just won’t move easily. Our HYPOXI treatment targets fat burning with state of the art technology – science and fitness combined.

Unique Diet

Healthy eating means following a balanced diet. To ensure you achieve the best results, we will help you with nutritional guidelines to be followed before and after your HYPOXI session.

Reclaim Your Beach Body

HYPOXI is perfect for  women wanting to reclaim their shape after significant life changes. It’s also for new moms wanting to get back into shape after children.

Maintain Your Body

Through a combination of well-researched diet,  nutritional guidelines as well as premium access to our gym facility in our Abuja with affordable subscription and industry-standard trainers and equipment, you can maintain your new body without breaking a sweat.

Transform Skin Complexion

Win the war against cellulite and come out of our HYPOXI session with  glowing complexion, smooth and beautiful skin

Improve Blood Circulation

Our treatment’s unique  and natural method increases oxygenated blood flow, enriched with vitamins and nutrients to the skin surface.

Detoxify Your Body

HYPOXI treatment alternates positive and negative pressures force undesired toxins out of the connective tissue, thus providing lymphatic drainage and enriching the circulation.

How HYPOXI Works

HYPOXI Vacunaut: For Tummy Fat

This combines fat activation therapy with effective fat burning training. The Vacunaut Pressure Suit applies alternating pressure on the dermis – promoting blood circulation in the stomach and hip region.

​As a result, fatty acids located around the stomach and hip region are more readily metabolised in comparison to other parts of your body.

HYPOXI Dermology: For Firmer Skin

Firm skin is a symbol of health and youth. As we age our body slows down its collagen production and the gym alone sometimes is simply not enough to give our skin the tightness, smoothness and elasticity it once had.

HYPOXI-Dermology is a highly effective method for skin training. This patented technology combines vacuum cupping and compression massage to eliminate the signs of aging. The skin becomes firmer, stronger and simply looks younger. Our  HYPOXI-Dermology Comfort Lounger is fully adjustable and easy to use.

HYPOXI: Compression Therapy

Through application of high pressure, this method is common in the treatment of varicose veins. It has brought the future of enhanced weight-loss into the present. The search for efficient, healthy, safe and quick solution is available today.

Our women-only, modern, spacious Hypoxi-Studio located in 16 Ibrahim Jalo Waziri Street, Zone E Apo, Abuja​ offers the latest advancements in body sculpting & slimming, with  an ever ready team  to support you and guide you toward the body you have always desired.

In three weeks or less, you can get rid of those stubborn ridges around your waist and stomach. Book an appointment with us today to discuss your treatment.

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