Monthly Massage Membership

We all know that the post-massage feeling is blissful. Our clients often tell us they cannot wait to book another massage session. If you are asking how soon or how frequent you should get a massage, this article will answer all your questions.

A massage is not only healthy for you, it soothes your tight muscles, sweetens your soul and pampers your skin. To enjoy all this and more, you will need a monthly massage routine and with a monthly massage membership, you can massage your way to health, less stress and wellness.

Our Monthly Massage Membership in Abuja

If you are looking for a monthly massage membership in Abuja that is designed to provide you with an opportunity to improve your health and wellness goals, Ella’s Place Monthly Massage Membership is a plan that affords you the opportunity to get your massage goals at a luxurious and premium environment.

We provide our clients with as many desired outcomes as possible and from the moment you book your massage through the journey of the massage, you will receive customized, relaxing and stress-free therapeutic massage at premium value. Here are some reasons why many people in Abuja trusts us:

1. Regular Massage

If you have had a massage session, you will agree that it is the best feeling in the world. And with a massage every month, you get to have the fluffy cloud feeling every month. Regular massage has long term benefits such as:

  • pain relief
  • decrease in anxiety and depression
  • fights stress
  • flexibility and range of motion

2. Big Savings

Those who pay an exclusive, members-only rates for their massages know it’s the biggest way to not go big on spending. A membership plan also gives you access to other exclusive benefits and all at subsidized rates.

3. No Massage Wasted

We roll over your massage into the next month if you miss your appointment. We know that life is busy and sometimes, therre are more important things on your plate to attend to. Have no worries if you miss your appointment for the month, we can always reschedule you for another session.

4. Flexible Payment Plan

The purpose of a massage is to first relieve you of stress and so we will not add financial stress to your already-existing stress. With our flexible payment plan, you can either pay month-to-month for your monthly massage membership or choose from the list of other flexible payment plans. You simply do not have to break a leg or the bank to pay for a massage with us!

5. Different Massage Techniques

No kidding! We have the best hands in the massage game. Check out some of the different types of massages you are likely to enjoy at our spa.

We truly believe the Ella’s Place Spa is the first step to over-all wellbeing. If you’re interested in becoming a member or subscribing to a monthly massage membership in Abuja, visit us here to get started.

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