3 Tips for Soreness after a Massage

Soreness after a massage session can be quite the opposite of what you expect to get after a day spent under the able hands of your therapist. A day after your massage, your muscles may feel sore and you might feel a little more tired than usual. This is because even though a massage is supposed to make you feel better, sometimes getting a massage is similar to experiencing a strenuous workout.

Your muscles get stretched and manipulated during a massage session, hence the soreness. However, you ought to feel more pleasure than pain during these sessions. If the pressure is more painful than therapeutic, tell your masseur.

To relieve soreness after a massage session, do these things:

  • Stay hydrated

Just like exercise, it is important to stay hydrated all through your massage session. Ensure you do not go long hours without a drink and after your session, drink lots of water to further help relieve the stress and tension in your body. Drinking water helps to alleviate soreness after a massage session.


Again, the same way you engage in stretcing exercise after a strenuous workout session, do stretch a bit after your massage session.

Do some gentle stretching that evening, paying special attention to your trouble spots that received the most attention during your massage.

Take a warm bath

Nothing a warm bath cannot take care of!

Have a luxurious bath after your session to relieve the soreness. Do not take a cold shower if you want to alleviate the soreness you feel. You may find comfort in taking a hot bath to further enhance feelings of relaxation and rest.

Have a snack

Grab a bite to further help you de-stress.


Be intentional about spending some down time after a massage so your nervous system can integrate. Take note of your body’s reaction to a maasage each time you go for a session and note the things that best relieve the soreness.

While having tender muscles is not exactly enjoyable, it is a natural, normal part of the journey of health and well-being that comes with taking care of yourself by receiving massages. As your body becomes accustomed to regular massages, you’ll in no time experience the next-day soreness less frequently, making the experience that much more pleasurable.

If you are looking for a wonderful massage, contact our spa for a memorable massage experience.

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